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Northwestern Swim Fitness

Take the PLUNGE!

Committed to building a community/educational pool and recreation center in northwest Lehigh County, PA

"[This] would be a great addition to the community...a safer alternative to a backyard pool, would employ lifeguards, would act as a great summer community meeting place, and if designed correctly could fit into our rural landscape."

"From an emergency services perspective, the pool would be a great location for our firefighters to train in still-water rescue techniques, and...to work on our ice rescue techniques in a controlled and warm environment!

"This is beyond a win-win situation for our department and...the community. Your goals are much like the fire department, trying to make every day in this community better!"

- Randy Metzger
Deputy Chief
Goodwill Fire Company #1
Germansville, Pennsylvania

"Growing up in the 90's, I had access to Sandy Mount pool in New Tripoli, where I learned to swim and perform tricks off the diving board. I was a water bug as a child, always begging my parents to take me to the pool and I will never forget these moments in my youth."

"I strongly support Northwestern Swim & Fitness's initiative to bring affordable access to a public swimming pool to the residents of Lynn Township, students of Northwestern Lehigh, and anyone in the surrounding areas."

"Sandy Mount has long been closed down. Lynn Township residents haven't had access to a public pool to introduce their children to swimming. Northwestern Lehigh High School doesn't have a swim team, which would also be nice to offer!"

- Nathaniel Kline
Senior Account Executive
Infradapt, LLC.

"Thank you to Nathaniel! My grandparents and my Dad owned Sandy Mount Farm. I grew up there swimming and showing horses. I went to Northwestern Lehigh and always felt sad there was not swimming team to compete especially against Parkland."

- Kathleen Stewart

"This will be a place where my children cannot only swim, but strengthen their ties to the community and stay connected with their friends over the summer."

- Elizabeth Ache
Northwestern Lehigh Teacher